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About The CERSA Center

A training center has been set up to strengthen the security and safety of Rafic Hariri International Airport (CERSA) by Decree No. 2095 of 29/05/2009 on the cooperation agreement between the Lebanese State and the French State in the field of aviation security.

  • On 06/01/2009 beginning of training of trainers in Beirut by French experts.
  • From 23/03/2009 to 26/04/2009 the training cycle was completed by the training of trainers at the National School of Civil Aviation in Toulouse, France (ENAC).
  • From 22/02/2010, begins the exchange of experiences between the National School of Civil Aviation of Toulouse, France (ENAC) and the Training Center of Airport Security in Lebanon (CERSA).


The Airport Security Training Center (CERSA) is unique and exceptional, as it is the only one in Lebanon and at the same time one of five regional centers along with Dubai, Amman, Manama and Jeddah. On the other hand, it is one of four centers in Francophone countries in addition to Toulouse, Dakar and Casablanca, and is one of 32 centers in the world.

The Mission of the Center

Training of all military and civilian employees at Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, on international laws and regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Infrastructure of the Center

The basic infrastructure of the center includes 6 classrooms, each accommodating 10 to 25 trainees and 3 conference rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies. The infrastructure also includes two specialized rooms:

  • The first classroom is an examination room by means of computer, with 10 computers including a special software for the exams.
  • The second classroom is the room that contains a simulator of the real screening station, screening passengers and their handbag and luggage. This screening station with its equipment allows trainers to place trainees in an atmosphere and conditions to which they can be exposed during their work, thanks to French software (Logyx) installed on 10 computers, which allow trainees to do X-ray analysis to detect prohibited items and dangerous goods, which may be present in all baggage. In addition, trainers may use suitcases that may contain similar materials to prohibited articles and dangerous goods that appear on the realistic screen of a real X-ray machine. In this classroom, trainees are well trained on how to perform an inspection of people (body search) and luggage.

In the field of Training

The Training Center of Airport Security (CERSA) conducts 7 types of training in the field of Civil Aviation Security and the Anti-drugs, for civil and military employees following an annual plan established by the center with the names and dates of each. At the end of each training, every trainee receives a certificate signed by the Director of the Center valid for two years.

(See annual plan in the category of training courses for the Center’s website). In 2017, 2173 civilian and military trainees received their training.

In addition to local courses, the Center has given courses of a regional type, involving Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Morocco; consequently 53 trainees had been graduated. These courses have been interrupted since 2015 until now.